NCLS® - New Code Linguistic Strategies®

NCLS ® is a new technique, technology and methodology created by founder David R. Behan

About NCLS ®

David R. Behan has collaborated more than 15 years' experience with a multitude of therapeutic modalities including clinical hypnotherapy/psychotherapy, NLP, Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

NCLS® comprises the use of extremely specific and precise language patterns, which enhance the mental state of how the client processes their thoughts and understandings. These quantum language patterns create razor sharp results and powerful effects within minutes.

Removing the root cause of repressed memories and emotions, NCLS® is an evolving unlimited tool which enables the practitioner and client to work together. Manifesting for the client a new perceptual awareness of what they have perceived the problem to be, and creating new habitual patterns of behaviour which concrete positive personal feedback all the time, every time.

There is never not a time that we are not in some way effecting the people around us. Through the use of NCLS® the client will have the distinctive ability to bring themselves back to cause for everything they do, think and feel. This technique is fast, powerful, profound and uniquely efficient. When a practitioner is trained in NCLS® there is no problem that their refined application of precise language cannot change, creating a more desirable outcome for the clients' health and wellbeing.

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(*Disclaimer: Results on all treatments may vary from patient to patient)

Working with the unconscious mind

When a client expresses their problem, they do so through the use of language, working with the unconscious mind to change the perception of what they perceived the problem to be. The practitioner will also change how they express the problem in a new language set. Therefore, through the use of new language, they are changing how they process the problem as well.

Language is the most flexible dynamic tool to utilise when working with a client to assist them in their own self-development, and personal evolution. Our unconscious mind learns extremely fast, and so has the infinite ability to latch onto any positive source of information. With this in mind, the payoff of using a linguistic technique which works at quantum speed to shift perception is unlimited.

What if this unique methodology were to give you instant and lasting relief from something that you have been living with inside yourself yet is outside of your control?

  • NCLS® is effectively used in a variety of fields including:
  • Business
  • Personal and professional development
  • Life coaching
  • Education
  • Learning difficulties
  • Psychology

*Disclaimer: Results on all treatments may vary from patient to patient