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You can be sure that you are in capable and experienced hands at Rodney Street Wellbeing Clinic, master practitioner David R Behan has over 15 years of experience of helping clients achieve optimal health and wellbeing at the wellness clinic in Liverpool.

David R Behan, Master Practitioner and Trainer at Rodney Street Wellbeing Clinic

You have made a positive decision visiting Rodney Street Wellbeing Clinic today to improve your quality of healthy living.

Hi, my name is David R Behan and I will be your master practitioner, therapist and life coach and I warmly welcome you to Rodney Street Wellbeing Clinic. On the website you'll find an abundant amount of advice, information and helpful guides.

Experience tells me that you're reading this website for answers to eliminate problems you have. Well, you can rest assured that here at the wellness clinic we have the solution and it's actually very simple!

You'll discover and learn how thousands of my clients from all walks of life, backgrounds and lifestyles have experienced massive lifestyle change starting with a simple shift in their thinking patterns as a result of addressing their learning, beliefs and values. This is the foundation to your personality and how you live your life today.

By making a few simple shifts in your habits and behaviours, this then allows you to change your thinking and the result about the way you feel. Problems are typically deeply rooted in the subconscious mind and so cannot be eliminated on a conscious level and that's why you need expert help.

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"*I am truly grateful to David and Rodney Street Wellbeing Clinic for giving me back control of my life. Using various subtle techniques such as Hypnotherapy, EFT, TFT, EMDR, NCLS® etc, I experienced profound change allowing me to let the past go."

- Nigel, Liverpool

(*Disclaimer: Results on all treatments may vary from patient to patient)

Over 15 years of specialist experience

Rodney Street Wellbeing Clinic's clients have consistently achieved optimal health, wealth and well-being over the last 15 years and I offer you the chance to achieve your desired lifestyle, financial, health and well-being, ambitions, goals and outcomes easily and effortlessly.

To validate my experience and success I have hundreds of client testimonials in addition to the following highly regarded accreditation. These include: NCLS®, New Code Linguistic Strategies®, Founder and creator, Adhp, Adv {Psych} DCH, Dhyp, MICHP, MNHPR, ABH, BCMA, ATFT Dx, RCT, {Adv}. MP, NLP, EFT, MP.TLT. Dip.CBT, Reiki Master Trainer and Practitioner.

Here at the Rodney Street Wellbeing Clinic, we constantly update all specific procedures that advance the brief treatment and rapid resolution of all psychological forces that enhance the conscious and unconscious resources, capacities and capabilities to succeed in all endeavours.

I am currently updating all procedures as a master trainer for the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (ICHP) and teach in many countries around the world.

Continually updating my learning, research and development gives you access to the latest cutting edge, rapid brief treatment, resolution techniques, technologies and methodologies there is in the world today.

Having helped over 10,000 clients who have rapidly achieved clarity of mind and body with lasting change, this speaks for itself. The majority of clients report rapid and long-lasting results with Rodney Street Wellbeing Clinic.

(*Disclaimer: Results on all treatments may vary from patient to patient)

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*Disclaimer: Results on all treatments may vary from patient to patient